Volunteer Opportunities


Would you like to take part in our next event? Volunteers of Experience the Game have the opportunity to take a group of our recipients to a sporting event. The feeling that you will have following your volunteer experience will be incredibly rewarding - it is a feeling that cannot be described! 

To volunteer, please email info@experiencethegame.org

Experience the Game is currently accepting two forms of donations: 

  1. Monetary Donations
    1. We have made this process very easy for you. Simply click the DONATE button at the top right corner of every page and choose the denomination you would like to contribute. 
  2. Ticket Donations
    1. Do you have tickets that you are not going to be using? Donate them to Experience the Game! Email donations@experiencethegame.org with the following information: 
      1. Your Name
      2. Number of Tickets
      3. Game
      4. Location and Time
      5. Face-Value of Ticket