Experience the Game works towards giving children who come from lower-income families the opportunity to experience professional sporting events in an incredibly unique way. 

With the lost opportunity of experiencing professional sporting events and meeting professional athletes, underprivileged children are inadequately prepared for their path to success. To accomplish their goals, young people need advice from their role models to promote and reinforce various tactics to become successful. 

Experience the Game is in direct response to the growing number of children that cannot afford tickets to professional sporting events. The focus of the organization is to put children on a positive path and give them opportunities that will better their future.  

The mission of Experience the Game is the pursuit of the following principles: 

  • Commitment: Experience the Game strives to inspire children as well as instill a sense of hope in their future
  • Responsibility: The focus of Experience the Game is to empower children in establishing goals and following through on commitments
  • Possibility: Experience the Game wants to expand the perspective of children and make them aware of life's possibilities
  • Support: Experience the Game wants to surround children with caring people as well as give them experiences with support that will allow them to be better and more successful people in the future.

Through Experience the Game, children are able to have opportunities and experiences at professional sporting events that they would have no other way of obtaining. 

With help from Experience the Game, children are able to advance various personal attributes such as Commitment and Responsibility. 

Alex Sheck has followed in his fathers footsteps, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and continuing his education at the University of Iowa. Currently a Senior Economics Major, Alex is looking forward to the future of the organization. Although he has accepted a job for post-graduation, he has goals to continue working on this organization when he graduates. 

In 2007, Michael and Alex took a baseball trip to the west-coast. This one-week vacation was where the idea for Experience the Game was established. In one weeks time, the father-son duo attended six baseball games at six different stadiums. Though very young, Alex was able to appreciate the experience and understand that there are very few individuals that have similar opportunities and experiences. Michael and Alex knew that they were in the position to make a difference and and to pay it forward, allowing others to have similar experiences that for one reason or another, were unable to do so. 

After years of discussion, Experience the Game launched in the summer of 2013 as a registered 501(c)3. To date, the organization has worked all across the country, take several hundred underprivileged children to professional sporting events, providing unique experiences. 

Mission and Vision

Michael and Alex Sheck have an amazing relationship that has grown through their experiences together at professional sporting events. Because of how their relationship grew, they wanted to start this organization as a way to pass along what they have experienced and allow others to have the same opportunities. 

Michael Sheck, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, has been a sports fan his entire life. With that being said, his number one passion has been making a difference and Paying it Forward! Through the years, Michael has worked with organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, Make-a-Wish, and JUF just to name a few. Though Michael is a businessman by day, he dedicates countless hours to Experience the Game and strives to make sure that the organization can have as large of an impact as possible. With his prior knowledge and dedication to the community, Michael has been a huge reason that Experience the Game is where it is today! 

Our Founders